Further Development of the Program


The program aimed to strengthen a human development function of OPCN which corresponds to its institutional principle and objectives such as “To share the principle of health care, medical care and welfare; and to develop ability to play nursing roles as professionals in cooperation with other professionals in related fields” and “To understand geographical and cultural characteristics wherein people reside; to develop ability to health nursing activities that are embedded in a community; and to be able to conduct health nursing activities with international perspective.” In order to accomplish these aims, in FY 2008, we refined educational setting, and in FY2009, we implemented the on-site training and educational program on the model island (Miyako island). We evaluated what those who participated in the on-site program – such as college instructors, training instructors and resident volunteers – accomplished. In FY 2010, we continued the on-site training and educational program; and also sought for ways to continue the program in the future and to apply the model to other islands. The overall evaluation of the program was also made by considering these future potentials of the program.
              In both internal and external evaluations, it was appraised that the program enabled students to develop “community perspective,” “collaboration ability” and “ICT utilization ability.” Moreover, according to the evaluations, college instructors, training instructors and resident volunteers could reach expected goals, and the program contributes to development of nurses.
              For one year after the completion of the program (Undergraduate GP), we will promote the “Model Project for Developing Island Nurses.” The objective of the given project is to research and develop desirable island nursing on the model region (Miyako island) and to contribute to development of health nursing in Okinawa prefecture. In order to promote this project, the “Association of Miyaaku” which consists of members of the Miyako Hospital, Miyako Welfare and Public Health Center, Miyako city, Okinawa Nursing Association and Miyako island volunteers organized the Council of Island Health Nurse Training and Research and then held the first council meeting in the 11th January 2011 on the Miyako island (Meeting Minutes 6-1-1).
              We would like to continue the on-site practicum which was implemented as part of the Undergraduate GP Program, expand the training program (for island practicum instructors) which was developed by OPCN and the Miyako Hospital to other practicum facilities on the Miyako island, and develop on-site training model on islands. Moreover, we will continuously seek for ways to apply the model into the Ishigaki island and other islands which are similar to the Miyako island, and then utilize such knowledge and experiences to create new curriculums of OPCN. As for applicability of the model, we need to examine the relationship between the program results and regional characteristics of the Miyako island (the model island).
              The results and problems of the program will be publicized at academic conferences and journals, and we will learn from those academic responses. Moreover, through the “Model Project for Developing Island Nurses” and based on the program results, we will research and develop desirable island nursing. We would like to apply or utilize the knowledge and experience as well as the model into not only Okinawa islands, but also other Japanese and Pacific islands.





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