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Report: Briefing Sessions of FY 2010 Admissions for Graduate School (Island Health and Nursing) and the Last Half FY 2009 Registration of Graduate Courses

Date and Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm, 29th July 2009, Wednesday
Venue: Miyako Extension Class Room (in Okinawa Miyako Hospital), Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing

Participants: 8 Nurses, 1 Public Health Nurse; Total 9

Contents: Introductions of Admissions for Graduate School and Registration of Graduate Courses

Speaker: Graduate School GP Representative / Graduate Studies Committee Member (Dr. Midori Kamizato)

Other(s): One Master’s Student in Island Health and Nursing

Application Guidebook (FY 2010) for Graduate School Program
Graduate Students Recruiting Poster (2 versions)
Application Guidebook (FY 2009) for Credited Auditors
Student Guide Brochure

Document on Reserve:
Past Examinations

By using handouts, we provided participants with introduction of applications for our graduate school program (FY 2010) and credited auditing (last half of FY 2009), followed by a question and answer session. We informed them that the coming fiscal year will be the last admission on the graduate school GP. Current graduate students gave audiences tips for entrance and study in the program, and it helped the audiences grasp the image of our program. The current graduate students were also helpful at personal consultation after the session.

[Relevant Questions]
- How do we receive scholarship?
- Once we fail on the entrance examination, can we apply for a second time?
- Which courses are available at the Miyako Satellite? – would be a good idea to prepare a list of courses
- Is credited auditing available only for those who are to enter the graduate program? Cannot promise the future move, but I would like to study something useful at this moment, so that I would like to take some courses such as ‘Nursing Consultation’ and ‘Community Cooperation among Multi-Profession Theory.’ These courses are relevant to our practices.
- How often are we supposed to visit the Okinawa main island?
- How much is the IT related cost when we use remote communication system?
- For those applicants with jobs, when we receive permissions from heads of institutions, who are those heads (who are authorized to give us the permissions)?


Briefing Session for Graduate School
Program 1 (Miyako Extension)
Briefing Session for Graduate School
Program 2 (Miyako Extension)



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