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Students, graduates, and faculty are highly sensitive to local health needs and community expectations. They participate actively in redefining governmental and community health services. OPCN graduate students redefine communication with governments for localities which results in highly responsive, well-coordinated health services the populations served.

Faculty are building an excellent record of obtaining competitive founding from national sources for research and student support. Contributing to local, national, and international society is uppermost as is interdisciplinary cooperation.

International inquiry with the United States, Australia, New Zealand, China, and South America is actively encouraged. Nurses, midwives and physicians from such developing countries as Cambodia, Laos, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea are continuously supported in OPCN training programs and technology transfer exercises.

OPCN students and instructors believe in taking initiative. They are proactive. OPCN uses state of the art electronic communication technology. Graduates do new things! Our College is a center of excellence. Quality assurance is continuous. We believe we should ensure high quality health programs and we follow through with this belief in our actions.